About us

In the tiny medieval village of Petroio amidst Southern Tuscany’s soft green hills and valleys the selective traveler finds a rare jewel: Palazzo Brandano, the Tuscan retreat.
Far removed from the hustle and the bustle of nearby Siena, Petroio is a tiny Tuscan town perched on a hill. It has a butcher, a baker, and a cash machine that does not work. It has a church, a school, and a clinic with a doctor who comes once a week. There, in a sandstone fortress, Palazzo Brandano manages to blend 4 star service with the coziness of village life.
It has one narrow road that meanders past medieval walls that date back to the 12th Century.
And aside from the occasional satellite dish, it looks exactly as it did hundreds of years ago.
There are no busloads of Tourists, there are no stylish leather boutiques, wine tour operators, or ceramic shops seeking for attention. It is an “old world” working village that is so authentic it’s almost surreal- a medieval knight on horseback could come charging through the village and not look out of place.
After careful restoration and renovation, the Palazzo formerly belonging to a noble Italian family, opened in April 2006
Palazzo Brandano named after “Il Brandano”, Bartolomeo Garosi a Saint from the renaissance born in Petroio comprises beautiful suites, spacious rooms and a charming selection of apartments within steps of the Palazzo, all restored in authentic Tuscan style. Luxuriously and comfortably furnished, wooden beams, terracotta floors, travertine tiles, cream-colored walls and beautiful fabrics give there unique flair and recall memories of former times.
Palazzo Brandano is adorned with hand crafted frescos, replicas of paintings of famous Italian renaissance artists.
“Il Brandano” bar, enoteca, restaurant and a stunning terrace with panoramic views over the countryside serve traditional Tuscan cuisine with a modern twist using fresh and delicious produce from the area; an extensive selection of Tuscan, Italian and International wines is also available.
Palazzo Brandano feels like a private villa, a luxurious yet intimate home away from home, with only one difference, our exquisite service.
Palazzo Brandano is open all year around.
Come and enjoy your Tuscan retreat.